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Hunting FAQ -- What's on your mind? Do YOU have any questions?

Even the most seasoned hunter might have a question or two that he's been mulling around his head. You might be wanting to try a different hunting strategy and could use a few fresh ideas. Maybe you're thinking of switching from rifle to bow hunting and need a few pointers. Or you've got some question about where to hunt for dove, deer, or hogs and what are the regulations.  If any of this describes you, go ahead and send us your questions. We'll try and answer you as quickly as we can.  

I know there are many hunters out there who would enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience too. If that describes you, then jump right in with your solutions. Add your two cents to the "comments" portions of the questions. I know they will be appreciated!

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Hog hunting?
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Where to hunt hogs in north central Florida?
Where to hog hunt in Orange or Lake County?
Where can I hunt wild boar in Tallahassee area?
Hog hunting in Thomas Creek/Cary areas?
Private hog hunting land?
Hog hunting on private land?

Have Any Hunting Questions?

Do you have any questions about hunting or places to hunt that you would like answered? If so, this is the place to ask them. Be as thorough and detailed as needed with your question. If you have a photo relating to your question, please send that too. We will try to get some answers for you as quickly as we can.

We also welcome any comments or answers from other website visitors. Just click on "comments" if you wish to add your answers to the questions.

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Be as thorough and detailed as needed with your question. If you have a photo relating to your question, please send that too.

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Questions Other Visitors Have Submitted

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How OLD do you have to be to hunt? 
September 3, 2012, QUESTION: How OLD do you have to be to hunt in Florida? Does a 12-year-old have to have a Hunting License or Permit to hunt for …

Private hog hunting land 
April 26, 2012, QUESTION: I live in central Florida and near the Treasure coast. What is the best way to secure permission to bow hunt on private …

Can I target practice in the Apalachicola National Forest? 
March 26, 2012, QUESTION: I was looking for a place to do my own target shooting in the Apalachicola National Forest (not at the shooting range). …

Turkeys in Tiger Bay Rima Ridge Unit? 
March 19, 2012, QUESTION: Are there a lot of turkeys in Tiger Bay Rima Ridge Unit? ANSWER: I don't know about the density of turkeys in the …

What part of Tate's Hell is best for gobblers? 
March 14, 2012, QUESTION: What part of Tate's Hell is best for gobblers? ANSWER: Gobbler-Hungry Hunter: If you're looking for long-beards …

Can I hunt squirrel
and rabbit anytime?
March 12, 2012, QUESTION: I live in Lutz, Florida, and have a 9-year-old son. We have a small .410 shotgun, and I would like to take him squirrel …

Running Deer Dogs in Fox Pen? 
March 12, 2012, QUESTION: I have a few dogs that will run deer very good. Will it hurt to run some of them in a fox pen while deer season is closed? …

Hog and Coyote Hunting 
March 12, 2012, QUESTION: Can't find a place to hunt for free. Don't want to pay $250 to sit at a bait stand and shoot animals, especially the ones …

Apalachicola National Forest Turkey Hunting? 
March 12, 2012, QUESTION: Hello, My name is Jared, and I am heading to Panama City Beach, Florida, for Spring Break with my friends. I'm sure the …

Does Florida Offer Hunting License for Disabled Hunters for Free? 
February 6, 2012, QUESTION: Does Florida Offer hunting License for Disabled Hunters for free? The reason I ask this question is, I lived in Georgia; …

Are the dates for hunting deer in WMAs any different than hunting deer on private land?  
February 5, 2012, QUESTION: Are the dates for hunting deer on wildlife management areas (WMAs) any different than hunting deer on private property? …

I have sort of a love story? 
January 28, 2012, QUESTION: I have sort of a love story that I could use your help with! I recently moved to Orlando, FL. I have been living in …

Where to Hog Hunt in Orange or Lake County? 
January 27, 2012, QUESTION: I would like to go hog hunting in Orange or Lake counties. Any suggestions to where to go in those counties? I'm down …

Hog hunting in Florida? 
January 27, 2012, QUESTION: What permits will I need? Where can I hunt on public lands year round? Which gender can I take? ANSWER: …

Are there Turkeys in the Ocala National Forest? 
January 20, 2012, QUESTION: Are there turkeys around the Clearwater Lake Recreation area in the Ocala National Forest? I have a permit to hunt …

Deer Hunting in the Osceola WMA 
January 20, 2012, QUESTION: Have you ever been deer hunting in the Osceola Wildlife Management Area? Or have you heard if the hunting is any good? …

Hunting at Eglin AFB WMA Area? 
December 27, 2011, QUESTION: I just moved into the area and have been looking for somewhere to hunt. I always hunted the Eglin AFB reservation growing …

Hopkins Prairie Unit Question  
November 14, 2011, QUESTION: Why are does not allowed to be hunted in Hopkins Prairie Unit ever? With so many its over run with does in ocala. …

First time hunting in FL 
November 1, 2011, QUESTION: I have been stationed at Hurlburt Field for 3 years now and have decided to start hunting again. I have purchased the …

Where to hunt on KICCO WMA? 
September 13, 2011, QUESTION: I am new to bow hunting this year and I go to WMAs ..I just got KICCO this past week as no one picked it up..I have …

Rules For WMA Land 
September 10, 2011, QUESTION: I'm new to Florida with orders stationed here. Can I just go to any WMA land and hunt within the land and seasons of …

Archery Season for Doe
August 10, 2011, QUESTION: Can you shoot doe in Ocala, Florida, during archery season on PRIVATE land? ANSWER: The short answer is "yes." …

Hunting squirrel on Perdido WMA 
July 19, 2011, QUESTION: How does hunting squirrel on Perdido River Wildlife Management Area on the Florida side work? Thanks. ANSWER: Generally, …

Where can I find a hunting guide? 
July 18, 2011, QUESTION: I drew a quota hunt permit for general gun, in the Church Lake Unit of the Ocala National Forest. I'm wondering if anyone …

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Where is the best quail hunting in Ocala WMA? 
January 8, 2011, QUESTION: Are there any good quail hunting areas in the Ocala WMA Florida? ANSWER: Not being familiar with the wildlife …

Florida record for
typical white tail deer?
December 3, 2010, QUESTION: What is the typical Florida record for a typical white tailed buck killed with a compound bow? Thank You very much - …

Hog hunting on private land 
October 27, 2010, QUESTION: We put up a deer feeder and hogs have invaded the feeder, but they only come in at night. How can I solve the problem …

Deer hunting with dogs in the Ocala WMA 
September 21, 2010, QUESTION: What are the dates of deer season in the Ocala National Forest with the use of dogs? ANSWER: November 13, 2010 …

Quail Hunting at Blackwater Carr Unit 
August 24, 2010, QUESTION: Just new to considering hunting on public land. I find all of the material overwhelming. I am interested in Released …

Where can I hunt wild boar in Tallahassee area? 
August 3, 2010, QUESTION: I'm new to Tallahassee and Florida and am looking for some places to hunt wild boar on public land. Any suggestions? Thanks, …

St. Vincent Island - January, 2011, deer hunt. 
July 16, 2010, QUESTION: I went down to the DMV today and got a quota permit for the St. Vincent Island January deer hunt. My question is.... where …

Where can I hunt wild hogs in Florida? 
QUESTION: I usually go to Tennessee and go hog hunting but a couple friends of mine suggested that we go to Florida. I was wondering if at any of …

How to Locate Hogs in Escambia? 
November 5, 2010, QUESTION: For years I have boated up an down the Escambia River, never seeing anything other than turtles, snakes and gators. I …

Where to Go? 
October 18, 2012, QUESTION: I would like a little more detail on where to find public land. There are about a hundred areas on public land page but …

Where is a good place to get deer processed around Tallahassee? 
October 9, 2012, QUESTION: Where is a good place where my deer can be processed without breaking my wallet? ANSWER: There are several good …

When can does be taken during general gun on apalachicola and talquin? 
October 9, 2012, QUESTION: When is it legal to take a doe on the Apalachicola WMA and Talquin WMA during general gun? ANSWER: Hey, Rafael: …

Can still-hunting be done in places where dog-hunting is being done? 
October 9, 2012, QUESTION: Can still hunting from a stand be done in areas where dog hunting is allowed in Apalachicola? Because still hunting areas …

Is it legal to kill does in Ocala,Fl  
October 9, 2012, QUESTION: Is it legal to kill does in Ocala, Florida? Can you kill does in Florida throughout the year or is it only legal during …

December 4, 2011, QUESTION: Where and what time of day is the best for prime hogs? ANSWER: As far as where to hunt, here are links to previous …

Hog Hunting on Blackwater WMA 
August 10, 2011, QUESTION: I would like to find out about hog hunting on Blackwater Management Area in northwest Florida. I saw something on T.V. …

Hog hunting  
QUESTION: Can I go hunting hogs without a license? Do you have to have a license to hunt hogs with dogs? ANSWER: Per the Florida Wildlife Commission, …

Sand Landing, Escambia County 
May 26, 2011, QUESTION: I was wondering if you could tell me anything about the Sand Landing hunting club? I was told that the state bought the land …

QUESTION: Can I kill Squirrels on my property? Living in a urban area in Citrus County, Florida. ANSWER: Generally, you can only hunt squirrels during …

Yellow River WMA 
March 28, 2011, QUESTION: Can I hunt Yellow River without a quota permit except Grassy Point and Burnt Creek? Can I hunt there in the other areas? …

Spring turkey season hunting hours 
March 28, 2011, QUESTION: Can you hunt turkeys from daylight to dark? ANSWER: On private land, shooting hours during spring turkey season …

Hunting lessons 
March 26, 2011, QUESTION: Is there a club in northwest Florida that will actually take you from a-z to learn how to hunt. I have no knowlege of guns …

Is an open breeched muzzleloader legal? 
December 2, 2010, QUESTION: Is an open breeched muzzleloader considered legal during primitive weapons season? Thanks, Kenneth. ANSWER: Good …

What are legal sights for bows? 
December 2, 2010, QUESTION: Under the "Hunting with bow regulations". Could you define what sights are? When I first started bow hunting, I used …

Where to hunt hogs in north central Florida? 
December 1, 2010, QUESTION: Hello: Where do you recommend hunting hogs in north central Florida? Thanks, Jim ANSWER: Good to hear from …

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Pursuing injured game across boundary fence 
November 23, 2010, QUESTION: We hunt deer on private land that is adjacent to a state conservation area. The conservation area is closed to hunting …

Box-R or Perdido River WMA? 
October 27, 2010, QUESTION: I have been chosen for Box-R and Perdido River hunts for the same time period. Which hunt would you choose, and are …

Where can I quail hunt in Florida? 
September 12, 2010, QUESTION: I just had a few questions about hunting in Florida. I am from Ontario,Canada. We are planning a trip around Christmas …

Hog Hunting in Thomas Creek & Cary areas 
QUESTION: I just got my hunting license and management area license. I applied for Muzzleloading hunts in Thomas Creek and Cary areas. My question …

Dove hunting on public land? 
January 6, 2010, QUESTION: I'm looking for some public land to hunt dove on. How would I go about finding something in the area? ANSWER: We've …

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