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Even though is about finding you a place to hunt on public land in Northwest Florida, we hope you have been able to get out somewhere, not just here, to hunt and shoot a big buck, bag a big long beard, or get you a hog, squirrel, possum, quail, dove or whatever.

Here is your opportunity to write about it and share it with the masses. Don't be shy -- send us a picture too!

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How to hunt the "River Swamp" 
I know that a lot of experienced hunters will say "duh", everybody knows this, but the fact is that although most hunters know this, they just don't apply …

Klayton, My First Gobbler 
I was 13 and it was Pennsylvania's youth turkey hunt. I was using my gun my grandfather gave me a old stevens side by side 12 gauge. My uncle took me and …

Collin Stone, A Short Rainy Day in Turkey Heavan 
It was the night before spring gobbler came in. It was raining out, and me and my older brother decided to see if we could put a gobbler in the roost. …

Andy Hickman, One Happy Family  
I put up my game camera, and after the first day this is what I got!

Dalton Lloyd, Rainy Day Deer 
It was the sunday after Thanksgiving in the 2011-2012 season, and it was a nasty rainy day. My dad calls me and asks if I'm going up to the club to sit …

Roberto Pirino
A Caccia con mio Padre
(Hunting with My Father)
The work kept me away from my land for too many years. I dedicated to my beloved hunting only a few days a year where I could return to their birthplace. …

Austin Sterling, My Second Hunting Trip 
Do you still remember the first few hunting trips that you had? One of mine was on a hot Texas summer day; my dad and I were on our way to meet the owner …

Kenny Presnell, My Crossbow Hog 
This wild hog was coming into my backyard and tearing up my deer feeder. The whole purpose of having a deer feeder in the backyard is to be able to study …

William - Alachua, FL, Deer in my decoys. 
I had a buck run through my decoys one day while duck hunting this past season. At one point I thought he was going to get in my boat/blind with me. After …

Steven Howard, My Old 6 Point  
It was New Years Day ( 12-31-11 ) when I killed this wonderful 6 point. I had set up a short 10-foot ladder stand over a pine row, where about 30 …

Ian Kilbourn, Dailey Double! 
Jr Cantrell had invited his buddy Ian Kilbourn on a hunting trip one weekend. The morning was December 9th, 2011. The crew had decided to "drop the box …

Jake Shuler's 10 pt 
Jake Shuler killed this ten point while running dogs in Apalachicola National Forest in Liberty, County.

Hudson Barber's 9-pt 
Hudson Barber got this nine point running dogs near the FL/GA state line.

10 Pt by Matt Carpenter 
Kenny, My friend Clint Brown and I killed this nice 10 point while dog hunting near the FL/GA state line north of Quincy.

Sonny Pipkins, Still Hunting 
Still Hunting I got into an argument with my good friend Jim bout who wuz the best hunter, me or him? Now I hunt with dogs cause it’s easier for me …

David Moody, Power Line Magic 
Perdido Sportsmen Club has long been a family favorite for leased hunting area near Beulah. With most of this land now under the stewardship of NWFWMD, …

Jack Huffman, 8-point from Texas 
I've been hunting this area for many years. Here is a photo of my latest 8-point deer taken from Springtown, Texas, in November 2009.

Kenny Gasaway, Sumter County, FL Turkeys 
What do you do after you get your limit? Take your wife with her camera! Photo was taken by Ester Gasaway at Lake Panasoffkee-Sumter county …

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