Ian Kilbourn, Dailey Double!

by Ian Kilbourn
(Crawfordville Florida)

Jr Cantrell had invited his buddy Ian Kilbourn on a hunting trip one weekend. The morning was December 9th, 2011. The crew had decided to "drop the box at the 3 point stand". Jr and Ian walked 5 head of Walker Dogs into the head. They hit the ground boiling. The 5 dogs went out of the hearing of Ian and Jr. The pack split up.

Ian and Jr flew to FH-13 just in time to see the doe fly across. They catch 4 of Jr's dogs and relize Peaches was the only dog out. A man named "Lucky Larry" said he could hear her barking every breath. Ian and Jr go just as fast as the could to the "3 point stand" and jump on the box. Sure enough there she was about 300 yards through the thicket boiling. Ian catches a glimpse of a deer. He notices it has horns and pulls the trigger. 7 shots later from the two hunters, the deer falls. Ian runs out there and finished him off. It was a 3 point, killed at the 3 point.

So,the crew celebrated over the second buck of the year and talked about where they wanted to turn dogs out next. The "Honey Hole" was there choice! Ian and Jr go to the first culbert on FH-13. They're sitting on the box and the dogs aren't doing much. While taking pictures of the buck they'd just killed, they're buddy Tylor comes up and chats a little while.

In these exact words Ian said, "Tylor get outta here, we're about to kill an 8 point!" Tylor drives off and not 5 minutes later the dogs jump! The two bucks that were running together, run to "Lucky Larry". He couldn't get a shot so he gave the crew a play by play of where the 2 bucks were going. They run to Anthony and Kaleb and they both unload they're shotguns on the two Wall-Hangers. The two bucks split up and the dogs stay on one of them.

Ian and Jr jumped up on the dog box just in time to see the Massive 8 Point running straight to them! Ian is shooting a 3 inch double ought buck shot 12 guage and Jr is shooting a .270. They both connect with the 8 point and he goes down. Ian and Jr run out the 8 point hooting and hollering at the tops of their lungs. They coudn't believe their eyes, they just got a Dailey Double!

Note: You can read more about Ian and JR HERE.

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Feb 10, 2012
"other buck" that was with our 8 point
by: jr cantrell

The other buck that was with our 8 point, me and Ian killed the next morning. Me and Ian decide to drop my dogs in the honey hole block again at were my dogs trailed and jumped and then they crossed that new grade as crossing roscoe shoots at the buck. Says it's a nice buck. Then we catch my dogs and re-dog that buck going towards 126 from 127. And they jumped him boiling as they go out of my hearing. Then we hear boom, boom, pow, boom, pow! Lucky Larry lays him down - a 7 point buck !!!!! pictured on his box and the picture with the black n tan on him ...3 good bucks that weekend.

Feb 09, 2012
Good Job!
by: Kenny Presnell

Good job, fellows! Thanks for sending us your story. It just goes to show that deer hunting on public land is both exciting and successful. Can you tell us what happened to the other buck?

Kenny Presnell

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