Private hog hunting land

by JR
(Orlando and Vero Beach, FL)

April 26, 2012, QUESTION: I live in central Florida and near the Treasure coast. What is the best way to secure permission to bow hunt on private lands? We can't afford the guided hunts and would rather not wait for the WMA's. Any suggestions!?

ANSWER: If it was me, I would drive around the area until I found a place I would like to hunt. Then I would contact the owner of the property personally and ask permission. If you don't know who the owner is, you might be able to find out by contacting the property appraiser's office in that county. They would be able to look up the location address of the property and obtain the contact information for the owner. Most property appraiser's have a website, and you can look up the address online. Just do a search for "(name of county) property appraiser's office."

When doing your land search, keep in mind that wild hogs like freshwater marshes and pine flatwoods. A sign of hog habitation is a disturbance of the soil and vegetation which looks like a plowed field.

If you are interested in other animals that you can hunt statewide, year-round, on private property, keep in mind the following: rabbit, wild hog, raccoon, opossum, coyote, beaver, skunk, and nutria. These animals are considered by some to be a nusiance. You may be able to find a landowner who would welcome a hunter who would take care of these critters for him!

Kenny Presnell

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Apr 26, 2012
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