Quail Hunting at Blackwater Carr Unit

by Tootie

August 24, 2010, QUESTION: Just new to considering hunting on public land. I find all of the material overwhelming. I am interested in Released quail hunts in the Carr Unit Blackwater Unit. I am trying to understand the application period fact sheet. It states November 30 – December 13, 2010. But the brochure states the Season starts November 13-19, 2010.

I think the stated Application is the first date one can submit the worksheet for the drawing.

Another place in the Carr Unit Blackwater brochure states that the Application periods occurs throughout the year beginning April 1, and worksheets will be available about 2 weeks prior to each application period.

Are there quail growers in the Blackwater area? If so can you provide names, phone numbers.

Are there other areas one can hunt released birds on public or private lands and not be part of the expensive plantation programs?

Thanks, Tootie

ANSWER: I understand that "overwhelming" feeling. One of my reasons for creating this website was to help sort things out for myself as well as for other hunters. Thank you for your questions.

In an effort to clarify quail hunting procedures on public land, let me offer the following. There are two types of quail hunts on public land in Florida each year. There is the “special opportunity fall hunt” and the “quota hunt” (also called the “limited entry hunt”).

The special opportunity fall hunt worksheet application period is 10:00 a.m., May 4, 2010 through 11:59 P.M., June 10, 2010, Eastern Time. The FWC advised me that all permits have been issued for the special opportunity fall hunts for quail in the Blackwater Carr Unit for the 16 scheduled hunts during the period November 13, 2010 through March 4, 2011.

The FWC advised that the quail quota hunts are held within the same time period as the special opportunity fall hunts. However, the hunting dates for quota hunts are determined after the wildlife biologists complete their quail census, which is continually being conducted throughout the November 13, 2010 through March 4, 2011, quail hunting season. The availability of quail determines the dates and number of quota hunts available. Applications for quail quota hunts should be available approximately 2 weeks before the season starts.

There is also a quota quail hunt in the Apalachicola Quail Enhancement Area, but again, until surveys are complete, permits will not be available.

There are no other quail enhancement projects (quail quota hunts) managed by FWC in the state at this time.

Regarding your question on quail growers in the Blackwater area, you may try checking with the local area Chamber of Commerce about any private quail growers in the area. If you have no luck there, you can try some of the feed stores that may sell baby chicks because they have to get them from somewhere.

I hope this answers your questions. Good luck with your hunts!

Kenny Presnell

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Sep 27, 2010
Quail hunting at Babcock/Webb WMA
by: Kenny Presnell

quail hunting
by: Anonymous

kenny,your information regarding quail hunting enhancement areas is not accurate. in southwest florida there is a wma called the babcock,webb wildlife management area {wma} where in conjunction with quail forever has managed for quail hunting for some forty or fifty years. it is located about an hour and a half south of tampa and encompasses 67000 acres. all a hunter needs to hunt is a license and a wildlife management permit.

Thanks for your input. This is how we all learn. Sharing information is one reason I created this website. If anyone else out there has corrections or additional information, please let us know. Based on this new information, I went to the FWC website and opened the regulations for Fred C. Babcock/Cecil M. Webb WMA which states the following:

"Daily Quail Permit Information: Daily quail permits will be issued on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays only from November 17 until the season quota is attained or through December 26. Details regarding the process for issuing quail permits will be posted at the check station."

The FWC regulations brochure can be found here:

Thanks again for your input, and I hope Tootie sees this additional information.

Kenny Presnell

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