Tate's Hell Restoration Plan

Tate's Hell Restoration Plan for 2010-2020

All hunters who frequent areas in the Tate's Hell State Forest may be interested to know what's going on there and what is planned for its future. Tate's Hell State Forest encompasses nearly 205,000 acres in Franklin and Liberty counties, Florida.

Tates Hell
Tate's Hell State Forest

Members of the Northwest Florida Water Management District have prepared a draft, dated July 2010, of the Tate's Hell State Forest Hydrologic Restoration Plan. The draft plan is subject to approval by their Governing Board.

The stated goals of the NWFWMD are the restoration and protection of the ecosystems of Tate's Hell State Forest, with an emphasis on hydrologic restoration.

The draft plan consists of two volumes (totaling 206 pages). Volume I describes the conditions at Tate’s Hell State Forest, prioritizes areas for hydrologic restoration, and provides guidelines for environmental monitoring and habitat management of restoration areas.

Volume II presents hydrologic restoration plans for the 29 surface water drainage basins identified within Tate’s Hell State Forest, provides estimated construction costs associated with the proposed hydrologic improvements, and discusses aspects of project implementation.

Both volumes were developed through a cooperative effort with the Division of Forestry.

If you want to review the draft restoration plan, please visit the Northwest Florida Water Management District's website: www.nwfwmdwetlands.com.

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