Hunting Stories

Caring For Your Hunter Husband

By: Brenda Presnell

A whiff of Fall is in the air, and a happy hunter’s fancy turns to? What else -- hunting! I know your happy hunter is probably a lot like that hunter husband of mine. He may require your tender loving care and concern for his hunting activities.


First, his attention turns to the arsenal inventory: Shooting supplies and ammo. You want to be sure there's plenty in stock. There's the Winchester 95 GR Ballistic Tip for the Winchester Model 100 in 243 cal. rifle. This makes for a nice shot at a running dear when hunting with deer dogs. Then, when he wants more "umf" he chooses the 165GR Ballistic tip for the Winchester Model 100 in 308 cal. rifle.

For a more short-range shot, he likes the 158 GR Boat Tail Hollow Point deer stopper in 357 magnum loaded by Georgia Arms. Then there's the good ole buckshot for those up close and personal big-buck encounters.


Another priority check is his food supply box. We all know that an army runs on its stomach. My advice to you is get to Wal-mart before all the ever popular Vienna sausages are completely sold out! Sadly, I speak from experience as one who was not so fast on her feet. My hunter got a little tired of eating peanut butter that year. Stock up on canned beef stew and chicken-and-dumplings because they heat up nicely on cold winter days when placed on the truck engine manifold. As do cans of Beanee Weenees. Have plenty of snack foods on hand – cookies, donuts, and Little Debbie cakes. (If you can sneak them in, add some carrot sticks, apples and oranges.) Also, be sure to keep your hunter hydrated by having lots of water available for him to drink.

He will need supplies in the non-edible department too such as moist hand wipes, paper towels, and the very necessary toilet paper. He may want to replace those old worn out tarps that he used to cover his outdoors hunting gear and dog boxes. Don’t forget flashlights and batteries. And it’s nice to have a ThermaCell Mosquito Repellent Appliance to get rid of those stinging little pests while he sits in his tree stand.


The next order of business is what to wear? Ladies, I know how difficult it can be to dress your man properly for some occasions.

However, the beauty of having a hunter husband is it’s quite simple -- anything camouflage will suffice. I’ve discovered my hunter husband is equally happy with the “Real Tree,” “Mossy Oak,” or “Advantage” camos. He’s pleased with pretty much anything that will let him blend into his surroundings and make him look like a pile of leaves, tree limbs, or a knot on a log.

Just remember that if you go along for the hunt, you might want to consider some good ole camouflage for yourself. You can even top them off with one of the pink camouflaged accents that you might find attractive.

One final way to prepare your hunter is to help with another type “hunt.” If your hunter is like mine, he is probably now searching though every nook and cranny in the house for those last-year’s end-of-season purchases. You know the ones that were marked down sale items. There’s the cute little see-through burlap tree stand skirt. The 25” x 90” on-sale model he just couldn’t pass up that he will “make fit” his big ole 40” x 162” tree stand. There’s the handy-dandy knife-bottle opener-pliers-wire cutter-screw driver-multipurpose gadget that does it all. And of course that irresistible ever-popular spray can of doe urine. Now the trick here is to remember just where you might have moved his stash of all that stuff. If you, dear friend-of-the-hunter lady, can track down these items, then you just may be invited along for the first hunt of the season and will have an occasion to wear that pretty pink camo number.

Until next time…………..brenda

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