Hunting Season Wrap Up

By: Kenny Presnell

The 2009-2010 hunting season has come to a close. The woods are quiet. The smoke has cleared. Near ‘bout the only sound to be heard is a deep sigh of relief from the deer, turkey, hogs and all their friends. The harried hunter has left the forest, except for a few who have already started scouting for next year.

I stopped by the “brag board” at Joe Budd WMA last weekend.

There I found evidence of several successful hunters who ventured into this Wildlife Management Area where only the primitive weapons of bows and muzzleloaders are permitted during weekend-only hunts.

Even though the season has come to a close, you don’t need to stop being a hunter just yet. Now while it’s fresh in your mind, is the time to reflect on the habits of the animals and your choice of strategies, tricks, and techniques. Whether it was feast or famine for you this year, there is always something to be learned from what you did or what the animals did that will increase your success next year.

It’s a good time too for you to compile your hunting stories and photos and submit them to the website. If you don’t want to write a story, just send us some photos with whatever you want to say about them. We’ll get them up so everyone can enjoy the fun and benefit from your experience and knowledge. Remember – we welcome stories and photos from all walks of hunting [deer, duck, turkey, hog, gator -- whatever], whether on public or private land in or out of Florida.

It’s also time to organize, make repairs or restock your hunting equipment, and get ready for next season. Don’t forget those clearance sales.

You can also stay here at to catch up on reading informative articles and stories, and see the latest photos submitted by you or your fellow hunters.

On a personal note:

The cold, rain, and wind we had this year – especially on the weekends when I could hunt – really cut back on my success. All was not lost though. Late in the season, as my good luck would have it when moving from one spot to another, the wife spotted a deer standing in the trees. Upon closer inspection, I saw that it was a buck! But not just any buck. This buck was special – he was “legal.” So I set up and was able to get a clean, one-shot kill. Now the work began. I waded out to where he was, dragged him to the road, and then my wonderful wife helped by holding him and the umbrella for my field-dressing chore. She even helped me load him into the truck in the pouring rain. So the only deer this year was harvested due to the keen eyesight of my alert wife. So how many hunters out there have a loving wife like mine who goes with him hunting in the cold and pouring rain?

Click here to see photo and read the wife’s version of this intriguing tale.

My attempts at bagging one of those elusive ole turkeys this year proved to be futile. This was not from a lack of trying on my part. I can assure you of this. It’s just the way it goes sometimes when you hunt on public land -- not that hunting wasn’t fun though mind you.

On one occasion late in the morning, I met up with some other hunters. Here we are back to that strange luck phenomena again. It seems that there were three of us hunting the same bird. We all approached from different angles. We all finally called it quits, though, when the mud got too deep to go any further into the swamp after him. Then at the end of the season, I again spoke with one of these same hunters who had tried, like I, that same bird on several different occasions. The ole crafty bird always managed to keep the mud between us. So both of us hunters agreed that the tired ole turkey deserved to see another season. As we stood there at the boat ramp, in unison we wished Ole Tom well until next year.

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