Hunting Photos of the Week
March 2012

March 25, 2012

Blooming Pitcher Plants
(sarracenia purpurea)

Hunting season may be winding down for us humans, but these carnivorous purple pitcher plants are just getting started. Their hunting technique is to trap small bugs and amphibians that follow their noses to the pitcher plant's sweet smelling nectar. The pitcher plant then traps its prey in the tubular leaf lined with sharp pointed hairs which prevent the insect from escaping. The insect is slowly absorbed by the plant.

In Springtime, these colorful purple blooms can be found throughout Florida,along with their yellow and green colored cousins. So keep your eyes open and your camera handy. There's always something interesting to see out there in the woods.

Kenny Presnell,

March 18, 2012

Tate's Hell Wildlife Management Area, New River at Gully Branch

Hunting season is not over yet. If you're up for the adventure and still after that ole gobbler, you might want to wind your way down the New River, which flows through the heart of Tate's Hell Wildlife Management Area. You will find primitive campsites all along the river, which runs from Liberty County through Franklin County, where it meets up with the Crooked River and then flows into the gulf. This photo was taken near the Gully Branch boat ramp.

Tate's Hell WMA SPRING TURKEY SEASON: March 17 through April 22, 2012. If you go, you will need: Quota permit, hunting license, management area permit and wild turkey permit. Legal to Hunt - Bearded turkey or gobbler.

Kenny Presnell,

March 11, 2012

Spring Turkey

Many a hunter has a tale or two about his experience hunting the elusive wild turkey. The keen vision and hearing of the wild turkey make this one of the most challenging game birds in North America. Any movement on the part of a hunter can make this very skiddish bird flee toward safer cover and out of shooting range.

In Benjamin Franklin's Letter to his daughter Sally (Mrs. Sarah Bache) on January 26, 1784, he voiced his displeasure over the fact that the Bald Eagle was chosen as the National Figure. Ben thought that the turkey was a more respectable bird, a bird of courage, as well as an original native of America.

Knowing this fact about the wild turkey has added to my admiration of this very popular game bird.

Kenny Presnell,

March 4, 2012

Red-Shouldered Hawk

It's fairly easy to spot these Buteo lieatus in Florida (Latin: Buteo referring to a hawk or falcon, and lineatus meaning striped - referring to its tail). It might be a little tricky though when they are in flight. Sometimes while soaring through the sky in search of prey, they tend to look a lot like buzzards. However, when perched on a tree limb or fence, there's not much mistaken the red-shouldered hawk.

It may be the "hunter" in me which explains why I always enjoy seeing these birds of prey in the forest. After all, there might be a little admiration on my part of their keen sight and quick reflexes that enables them to catch their meal of small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and insects. I've learned a thing or two about hunting just by observing their hunting techniques. They stay alert, hidden from view, and strike quickly and precisely when they find their prey.

If you keep your eyes open while out hunting, you'll find that nature itself can be your teacher.

Kenny Presnell,

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