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Youth conservation centers network to focus on creating the next generation that cares

News release: December 1, 2010
Contact: Doc Kokol, 850-488-9327
Florida Wildlife Commission

After more than a year of research and partnership development, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) voted to launch the next phase of the Florida Youth Conservation Centers Network. Once complete, the Network will provide facilities where Florida children can gain experiences that help develop conservation values and ethics and learn traditional outdoor activities.

The Commission has received more than 60 responses to its outreach for partners. The goal is to provide children across Florida with opportunities to learn the values and skills associated with fish and wildlife conservation, and introduce lifelong activities such as hunting, fishing, bird-watching and marksmanship, with an emphasis on safety and ethics.

“This enthusiastic response from our potential partners is a clear example of the great work that can be done when we combine efforts of public and private partners,” said FWC Chairman Rodney Barreto. “Research has shown that moving our children away from the television set and video games into the outdoors has a remarkably positive effect. Our Youth Conservation Centers Network will provide children with new experiences and opportunities to engage in a full range of exciting outdoor activities.”

Florida has a long and rich tradition of conservation passed from generation to generation. The Network will provide children with opportunities and experiences vital in developing a solid conservation foundation and continuing our tradition of valuing our wildlife and wild lands.

“There is no more precious resource than our children,” said Richard A. Corbett, FWC Vice Chairman. “This network will provide our children with the opportunity to discover the wonder of Florida’s natural resources, abundant wildlife and diverse habitats. As a result, our youth will be exposed to traditional outdoor activities that encourage conservation values. It’s all about creating a next generation that appreciates the importance of stepping away from today’s technology-driven world, even for a short time, to enjoy our environment.”

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