Featured Hunter
Matt Carpenter - Liberty County, Florida


"In November of 2006 my wife, Sarah Carpenter, purchased me a deer hunt on the Stasney’s Cook Ranch in Albany, Texas for a birthday present," said Matt Carpenter.

"So in mid November we loaded up, along with my one-year-old son Nathan and headed out. It was a three-day hunt, but two days was all I needed," said Matt. "On the morning of day two, I was able to harvest the 11pt shown in these photos."

"Florida has a unique opportunity which allows the hunting and harvesting of alligators," said Matt. "Shown below are some photos of a few we have taken."

This is an 11' 7" gator taken by Matt Carpenter.

This is a 12' 6" gator taken by Matt's wife Sarah.

The excitement doesn't end there with the Carpenter family as you can see from this photo. On a recent hunt in August, 2010, Matt and his crew of lively hog hounds cornered this wild boar.

Our fellow hunters, Matt and his friends and their families, really know how to take advantage of the great hunting opportunities in Florida. Below is a photo of day's hunting group and their prize.

2007-2008 Hunting Season

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