Deer hunting 101: Food for thought.

by Will
(Milton, Florida)

Did you know that deer can see the blue color, spectrum the best? Followed by the greens and yellows, and they don't see reds, pinks or orange colors well? At least they don't appear as these colors to deer. These colors appear as browns or shades of gray in there world. That means that a deer's world is rather bland compared to ours, but being crepuscular animals, that is animals that see in low light, colors don't mean much to them most of the time.

Deer seem to have traded color vision for night vision because deer are most active in low light and night time. Did you know that deer can see 270 degrees around them without moving there head? With just a slight head movement they can see a full 360 degree view? That means if there are 2 or more deer out in a field, your probably going to be spotted pretty quick.

Deer eyes have developed so as to detect minute movements, and give them great peripheral vision, but they lack depth perception and color identification. So what does that mean for a hunter? It tells us what we should be doing while were hunting. That is, we should avoid wearing solid pattern clothing like blue jeans and a white T shirt or a solid black jacket. It tells us we should always wear our camouflage, and camouflage our gun, binoculars and other equipment as well. Deer can spot solid patterns in the woods a long ways off because they are unnatural patterns.

Also, as hunters we need to avoid shiny objects that attract a deer's attention like unpainted stainless steel barrels, shiny watches and shiny eyeglass frames. Remember, if it doesn't look like the woods to you, it doesn't look like woods to them.

Case in point, the other day, I spotted a 2 inch white spot that didn't quite fit in with the rest of the surroundings. It was in the trees, 100 yards away across a dried up lake. After putting the binoculars on the spot, I saw a deer standing in the brush, in the trees, in the shadows, feeding. The point? If I spotted a 2 inch white spot 100 yards away, and I'm half blind, what can a healthy deer see? Just keep in mind that a deer's very survival depends on them being alert to anything that doesn't fit in.

Back on the subject of camouflage, There's a product out there that I would recommend to any hunter. Its called "Sneaky Leaf". Its small multicolored leaves that you pin to your clothing with black colored safety pins to break-up your outline. This stuff is phenomenal. I pin it on my hat, face mask, gloves and jacket. It takes full camouflage to a whole new level, and this stuff really makes you blend in and look like a pile of leaves.

Its said that a deer's vision is not much more acute than ours. They just see better in low light and they spot movement better than we do. If we paid more attention to detail, we would probably see almost as well as a deer, but our survival doesn't depend on it, like it does to a deer. The point of this narrative is, when you start to think and act like a deer you can really level the field in your favor. When it come to vision we are pretty equal to deer, unfortunately their sense of hearing far excels ours and their sense of smell is light years ahead of us.

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Dec 31, 2016
Great Info
by: Kenny Presnell

I enjoyed your article, Will. You provided lots of helpful information. Thank you.

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